SIM4 LE - SIM4LE Mercedes Start Error - Reset To New - Cloning Plug & Play - Immobiliser Bypass Versions With 1708201726 5WK48697 Siemens Immobiliser box

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Services For Supplied Engine Control Units.

Cloning: We can clone your original ecu into a new or used replacement making it ready to be used with no further programming. A perfect solution if your original ecu is hardware damaged, as long as the original ecu is in its original state and not tampered with we can clone even if the original is badly damaged or even appear dead.
Renew: If your equipped and able to personalize and code a new ecu this will be the service for you, we can renew a previously used ecu making it ready for installation.
Immobiliser Bypass: After three years of R&D in house from 2016 ~ 2019 we have made a solution to free run this engine ECU. The car will start with any key, there are no signs visible displaying in cluster or by diagnosis.  All your remote keys will continue in the normal manner. This service is made uniquely for the original vehicle ECU, all coding and VIN remain original.  The immobiliser box remains in the car with all connectors attached.

This service offers a solution when the 1708201726 5WK48697 Siemens Immobiliser box will no longer allow the correct engine start status.  Start error shows in the cluster and the engine fails to crank.  In this situation if the engine ECU can not be re-personalized after resetting, a new OEM pre-coded Immobiliser box will be required to keep the remote keys functional and car free of other gremlins.

This service is uniquely produced for your ECU, subject to work load three days may be required to carry out this process. This is our own solution, all work is carried out in our office. All our normal solutions apply to this engine ECU contact us if you require another service.

We aim to process your ECU within 24 hours during normal business time.




We warranty our bypass work for 12 months unless other wise stated on the invoice,

3 Reviews

  • 5
    Mercedes Kompressor slk 230 1998

    Posted by Omar Machin on 12th Sep 2021

    Will it work on the declared model? In this case we cannot get it to start

  • 5
    Immobiliser Bypassed 100% Perfect

    Posted by Terence Aspartin on 2nd Sep 2020

    Professional, knowledgable team in a class of their own. Its like magic highly recomended.

  • 5
    Bypass the immobiliser box

    Posted by Mike - Etats Cars on 16th Mar 2020

    We have a very happy customer now ECU Decode removed the need for the failed das immobiliser box which was not available to us. Great Job again.

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