Here at ECU Decode we have spent many hours cultivating our Mercedes Benz diesel engine ECU services. We are specialists in all aspects relative to software, which includes the following: Plug & Play Cloning — Removing the software from an original ECU and copying into a new or used replacement ready for engine start. Plug & Play Software Recovery — Returning a dead ECU to a reusable state after a tuning / calibration update failure. Plug & Play Immobiliser Bypass — Deactivating the manufacturers' Immobiliser operation. Reset To New — Return a used ECU back to an original state ideal when your ECU is passed cloning or maybe missing this gives you another option.Tuning Modifications and performance upgrades - Our services are done directly to the ECU, the extra work required in removing the ECU from your side is an insurance policy for yourself. As we have full control of what is happening, there will be no damage to your ECU or any other modules on the CAN network.

All our services are offered on a supply your own parts basis or to a stock unit if available at an additional charge.


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