As specialists in automotive software programming, ECU Decode dedicates ourselves to offering exceptional service every time. Our Alfa/Fiat diesel engine ECU services are one such example. In our online store, you will find a wide selection of suitable service options to choose from. With our expert team on hand, you'll be back on the road in no time.

Browse through our online range to find all the services you may need. Our Plug & Play Cloning package involves removing the software from an original ECU and replicating it on to a new or replacement machine ready for quick installation. The Plug & Play Software Recovery service returns a dead ECU module to useable condition after anything from tuning to calibration update failure. To deactivate the manufacturers' immobiliser operation, choose our Plug & Play Immobiliser Bypass option. Or, to return a used ECU back to its original state, the Reset to New service is ideal for when your module passed cloning. We also have a range of tuning modifications and performance upgrades that can be performed directly on to your ECU.

Please note that any extra work required in removing the ECU should be covered by your own insurance policy. Once the module comes into our possession, we will take the utmost care to ensure it is returned in pristine condition. If you have any questions about the diesel Alfa Services we have here at ECU Decode, contact our friendly and expert team today.


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