Week 39 2018

Week 39 2018

Posted by Darren Winsley on 21st Dec 2020

It's holiday time for us.

Our website is still very underdeveloped with service content due to time restraints. Developing new services and updating techniques continue on a weekly basis, these are marketed mainly to our existing customers by means of telephone conversations when they check in to see if we can help with a requirement, or through word of mouth of course.

We shall take a small chunk of time during our break thinking over this weakness, that said, on a positive note customers are receiving exactly what they require from us, our services does what it says on the tin as the old saying goes, better this way than some marketing machine full of gloss, promise and disappointments.

It's time to switch of the brain, step back from all the early mornings and late nights, reading and writing software, chasing the Hexadecimal and confirmation testing.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side.