Immobiliser bypass help and ideas.

Immobiliser bypass help and ideas.

Posted by D Winsley on 23rd Aug 2023

ECU Decode is a world front runner in the art of immobiliser bypass / free running services. Now all you need to figure out, is this a service I really need, or is it a service I'm going to purchase on the wing of a prayer!... 

Whilst we appreciate and contribute to everyone's beliefs and religions it gives us no pleasure selling a service which was purchased on the throw of a dice! So first things first. 

The free visual and hearing test. What is the behavior of my vehicle? Keep reading, it is more interesting than you think. So the free test might be the answer to the problem. However to add to the mix, makes and models of vehicles behave differently when immobilised. By this we mean some manufacturers give little to no visual indication on the dashboard, some will stop the engine from cranking, others will intercept cranking after a couple of seconds or so. Then there are those who will allow cranking until the battery gives up the ghost.

So the free test might get you to the first tick of the Q & A with some under pinning knowledge. It is not the basis to hang your hat on, It’s more of a gamble. You might hit the bullseye or not win the lottery if you get my drift. 

We recommend carrying out the free test, but then moving towards a more effective approach. This might mean you need some assistance if your knowledge is limited, or you're not equipped with the OEM or equivalent diagnostic tools.  Please do not expect a cheap generic OBD tool to come up trumps and simply tell you the immobiliser is the cause of a non-start. If you have the equipment and some limited knowledge head for the fault codes stored in the engine computer. Make a note of these codes, clear them before trying to start the engine again. Now recheck to see what shows up? If this is not helpful, head to the live data section of the tool and browse through any live data which can also be extremely informative. If you’ve not been successful interrogating the engine computer, head over to the module where the keys are stored and interrogate that computer, for fault codes and live data as before. 

Skills and comparisons will be king to interpretation of the data! So please, if you are going to call someone up and pay them your hard earned cash, make sure the persons skills are greater than simply hooking up a tool and pressing some buttons. Do not accept no communication as being a byproduct of an immobilised vehicle. I can think of only a handful of older vehicles where this may be the case. 

So, we are done with the technical stuff now, the ball is in your court. Let's move on to What is the point of a bypass? Unfortunately to-date vehicle manufacturers are not parents who are holding responsibility for their offspring's welfare and spare parts. So many of the bypass services we undertake fit into these brackets " parts no longer available " Next comes the too expensive to repair with new parts. Finally the vehicles that have become so unreliable even after attempting the correct repairs. These vehicles become a friend you would rather leave at home than get stranded out with. 

As professionals we are on the side of fixing correctly where possible and making the vehicle secure by other means if the immobiliser has to be deleted. Once you have built your case for a bypass, you can head over to our contact us form with all relevant information and we will get back to you. 

Together we can get this right the first time for you.

ECU Decode Limited.

The Ideology Of immobiliser bypass - Together we can can get your engine started.