NNN100682 | MEMS3 | Rover Immobiliser Bypass - Cloning Service

Motorola - MEMS

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MEMS3 - EWS Version

Tel: 01373 302412

If your EWS fails and a replacements can not be purchased or maybe this ecu is required for a project then this will be the service to get your engine running again, after our bypass all aspects of diagnosis will remain correct so trouble shooting can be undertaken with a diagnostic tool, the ecu firmware and calibration remains original unlike some other solutions for this version of ECU. If you have another part number or variation of MEMS3 ecu contact us with part numbers so we can confirm a service option.

We aim to carry out this bypass within 24 hours during normal business hours and normal work schedules.

We offer a 12 months warranty unless other wise stated on your invoice.

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