BK2T-14B476-CP BCU Cloning - Reset To New Services


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BK2T-14B476-CP Services
We offer a wide range of cloning services for Body Control Modules:
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Tel: 01373 302412

Services For Supplied Control Units.

This is a cloning service, you will need to send us your original and replacements new or used modules clearly marked.
Both modules will be returned, the original will remain in its original state and the replacement will be a copy of the original and in a plug & play state no further programming required. We carry out a static bench diagnostic test before and after cloning, If the original is dead cloning may still be possible as long as it has not be tampered with previously.

If original data is not available recovering a replacement to a new OEM state is possible, dealer tools and knowledge will be required to program this into the vehicle.

Note: If the original unit has an immobiliser / key related issue cloning will not help.

We aim to process your ECU within 24 hours during normal business time.

Our cloning services are guaranteed to work

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