09202197 A | 079700-8711 KV.2 Denso Volvo S70 2.0 20v Immobiliser Bypass Service


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Engine B5254 Free Run
S70 2.0 20v Immobiliser Bypass
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This service will fix the issue of a failed immobiliser box, if you have fault code " ECM-720A Immobilizer Communication " this service will get your engine running. Its important your engine ECU must arrive with us in its original state with no previous tampering. We suggest using the ecu from your vehicle so there is no chances of any configuration problems, if you send a used replacement and have issues you will have to find a solution as we won't be able to help you further. We will need your ECU & Immobiliser box to undertake this bypass service.

We aim to undertake this service within 2 working days.

We give a 12 months warranty unless otherwise state on you invoice

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