0 281 010 614, 0281010614, EDC15C6.4, A 612 153 22 79, A6121532279, Mercedes Bosch ECU Services


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Immobiliser Bypass Available (some variants):
Match to Immobilser (some variants):

Service 0 281 010 614,  0281010614, EDC15C6.4,   A 612 153 22 79, A6121532279, Mercedes Bosch ECU Services

Services available for this ECU.

Clone Original Data Into Replacement. 
This service option will make a replacement ECU ready for engine start.
We need your original module and replacement clearly marked.

Reset ready for personalizing.
Reset to new ready for personalizing on vehicle with the correct diagnostic tool.

Static Bench Test.
This service is ideal if you have a no communication situation in the vehicle and require clarification. We wave the charge for this test if a clone or matching service is purchased in case of a faulty ECU.
We need your ECU and the "Ready To Send" form for this service.

Need More Information Or A Service Cost ?  

Call us or fill in our online form with as much information as possible.... Online Form

Services: All our services come with a 12 month warranty (Unless stated otherwise)

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