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What Makes ECU Decode Different & Why should I use you ?

​We fully understand that people follow a principle of saving money, if we did not it would always be a new part or working within the standard parameters. So, your next decision is how do you proceed, maybe you have used a business before, or had a recommendation.

I am naturally going to say " Call Us " but if I was standing in your shoes this would not cut the mustard.

Here are some facts about us and our principles.

  • We will never over promise more than we can deliver. 
  • No pre-test and collection charges -  you send us your parts and we will do as agreed.
  • We offer static level testing - Your vehicle is the best test bench, no company will ever offer you better.
  • Having a history of running a diagnostic business, we know you need a plan not more confusion.
  • We start and end ever day knowing that we have done our best to help you.

There is an array of test and repair options when searched. Some companies have a portfolio of what they do well in house, others out source a large part of what they receive. We do not outsource anything. If we can not help we do not go looking elsewhere, gambling our reputation for a quick pound.

Can we help you ?