Mitsubishi Immobiliser Bypass Services

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Mitsubishi ECU Free Run

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Mitsubishi Immobiliser Bypass Services
Our services come in various formats which include software and hardware modifications to your engine ECU. We offer immobiliser bypass options for each of the following system types plus others not currently listed.

Various ECU variants are covered, please contact us with ECU & Immobiliser box images and part numbers so we can confirm costs and services available.

Immobiliser bypass services may leave your vehicle at risk of being stolen more easily. These services are taken at your own risk.
Our service will not delete a dashboard immobiliser error message or light if the problem is external to the ECU or a by-product of the bypass.

Our services are designed for enthusiasts and professionals. It is your responsibility to carry out the diagnostic work prior to purchasing a bypass service. Failure to do this could lead you to additional 
costs and disappointment.

No start solutions often with DTC P1610 present.

1860A296 E6T32686 H 5X11 Shogun / Pajero
1860A297 E6T40174 H00 2006 Sport 3.0L V6
1860A319 E6T44372 H10 Lancer 1.6
1860A351 E2T71588 H Shogun Pina
1860A89800 1860A89803 2758007312Z 4D56
1860A898 MA275800-7312 Denso L200
MK386857 E6T01771 H3 Pajero Shogun Mk3 3.2
MK387484 E6T01781 H Shogun MK3 3.2
MR420880 E2T71575 H1 Shogun / Pajero 1.8 GDi
MR577084 E6T01476 H6 L200 2.5D
MR578467 E2T76293 H10 Pajero / Montero 

Services: All our services come with a 12 month warranty (Unless stated otherwise)

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