GK2T-15604-FAF | 46F22A02 | 51626663 | 2241693 Ford Transit MK8 BCM Cloning & Reset For Dealer Programming


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Ford 2241693

We see these modules often after programming failures, unless you have the correct tool with dealer access its not likely you will get the result you require. Be very careful because some aftermarket diagnostic tools offer a procedure of data transfer from original to new. When this process fails you will be left with a vehicle in a worse situation than you started and the vehicle will need recovering to the dealer as a non runner.

We offer cloning which removes your risks of a stranded vehicle, we can do this work in 24 hours which is very much quicker than most Ford Dealers will be able to fit you into their workshop.

If your new module is beyond recovery we can return it to a new state for dealer programming, a used module can also be recovered to a new state.

Contact us with your requirements and our costs.

We offer a 12 months warranty for all service unless otherwise stated.
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