E6T05385H2 | WLF3 18 881E | Ford Ranger Mitsubishi Diesel ECU - Clone - Match To Immobiliser Box Or Immobiliser Bypass Services


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WLF3 18 881E
Ford Ranger Immobiliser bypass
ECU - Immobiliser - keys:
Testing Service Results In 24 hours


We can match your parts subject to the immobiliser box condition to retain the manufacturers immobiliser, we need your keys, immobiliser box and engine ECU.

If your immobiliser box has failed (no longer available) we can rework your engine ECU so it no longer requires the immobiliser box or transponder key. For immobiliser bypass we need only the engine ECU.

If you are looking for this ECU to be supplied with the immobiliser bypassed contact us for available stock and costs.

We aim to turn this around within 24 hours.

Unless stated otherwise this service is offered with a 12 Months warranty.

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