7545150, 7 545 150, 5WK90026, DME MS43 INDEX 09 Siemens BMW - Plug & Play No Programming Required

Siemens - VDO

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For Sale With Service  DME MS43, 7545150, 7 545 150, 5WK90026, INDEX 09 Siemens BMW - Plug & Play No Programming Required

We will supply this ECU in the state you select when buying. 

Clone Original Data Into Replacement. 
This service option will make a replacement ECU ready for engine start.
We need your original module and replacement clearly marked.

Match Replacement ECU To Immobiliser.
This service is ideal when the original ECU is missing, your replacement ECU will be ready for engine start. 
We need your original CAS & working key along with your replacement ECU.

We need your ECU and the "Ready To Send" form for this service.


ECU Purchases: Our used ECU'S and BSI's come with a 12 month warranty (excludes water ingress and burn issues caused by vehicle faults). If you have replaced your ECU due to either of these faults you must rectify the original fault prior to fitting this ECU. We will replace the ECU if it fails within 12 months, we do not cover any other cost incurred. If an ECU has been prepared for you with the data from your original ECU / BSI a test hire charge will apply if you return the ECU / BSI for any reason. This will cover our costs to prepare the ECU / BSI for you.

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