56040638AX L0020349AS Sentry Key Module Cloning Services

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Mopar Key Sentry Cloning Service
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These modules play a major role in the operation of the vehicle network. It is much more than a simple immobiliser interface, from remote door locking to tyre pressure monitoring and much more this unit is a master player. Without this connected to the vehicle immobiliser bypass to the engine ECU is possible, but, this is not a practical solution for a road going vehicle. 

If you can acquire a replacement new or used module with the same part numbers we can clone this to make it an image of your vehicle original module. We also check the keys and engine ECU are set with matching synchronisation. 
In a case of all lost keys we can decode the key programming code, reset this module so the transponder can be adapted diagnostically.
We aim to turn your modules around within two working days.

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