24445098 | LS | 5WK4763 Vauxhall - Opel - Suzuki Immobiliser System 2 Cloning - Pin Decoding - Key Transponder Production - Immobiliser Bypass Services

Siemens - VDO

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Immobiliser Bypass Available:
If you need to use the ECU without this box we can help.

TEL: 01373 302412

We offer all that's required to get your vehicle immobiliser system back to the correct state, From decoding the PIN and making a key transponder ready to start the engine to cloning faulty hardware into a replacement unit our services will help you.

We can match this immobiliser box ready for engine start to a wide variation of engine ECU's contact us with your part numbers and information.

New for 2021 We offer immobiliser bypass service for all engine ECU's which use this immobiliser box.

We aim to get you fixed within 24 hours.

Services: All our services come with a 12 month warranty (Unless stated otherwise)

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