0261203869 0464292670 ISO 3B80029426 SW 6968537621 HW 9683021620 ML4.1 1997 GTV 2.0 V6 Turbo


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Motronic ML4.1
Free Run:
Immobiliser Bypass Services

TEL: 01373 302412

We can enable your Motronic ML4.1 to run free of the no longer available immobiliser box 60622718.

After our bypass diagnostic communication functions will remain as if the immobiliser box was still present and working correctly, there will be no C8: Electronic Key fault code and in live data will show Engine startup: allowed.

This gives you and ourselves no doubts your engine must start, if not you will need to check in other areas for the cause of a non start after this operation.

We offer a wide range of free running services for engine ECU's using this obsolete 60622718, contact us with your details if your looking for another variation.

We can turn your ECU around with in 24 hours, please contact us if you require a quick turnaround.

We offer a 12 months warranty for the service we offer

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