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Plug & Play / Cloned / Data Transfer / Recoded: Your replacement ECU will be returned with the data transferred from your original ECU making it (Plug & Play) No further programming will be required.

Plug & Play / Unlocked /Free Run - Immobiliser Bypassed : Your original or replacement ECU will be returned with the manufacturer immobiliser function removed. Making it "Plug & Play"
Note: Depending on the vehicle model an error messages on the dash board may display in a free run state.
Disclaimer: ECU Decode Ltd is not responsible if this option is not used in accordance with the laws of your country.

Plug & Play / Unlocked /Renew - Self Programming*: This ECU will be supplied unmatched ready to self learn. Once fitted to the car it will self learn the immobiliser data automatically making it Plug & Play.

Unlocked /Renew - Programming Required*: This ECU will be supplied in an unmatched state. This means it will need to be programmed by a main dealer or specialist with the specific diagnostic equipment for your car.

*Subject To Variant

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