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As a leading luxury automobile manufacturer, Acura are known for their dedication to innovation and performance. The same goes for all the vehicle parts they supply, from the ECU units through to the airbags that protect passengers during collisions.

Here at ECU Decode, our expert team have a wealth of knowledge restoring crash information back to standard. Our range of Acura Airbag Service includes everything from clearing crash data, repairing the electrical software or cloning the original software on to a replacement module. We'll work hard to bring your vehicle back to road-worthy condition, meaning you'll minimise delays and be able to appreciate your Acura vehicle once again. Alongside the services you see on each of our airbag options, we also offer alternative solutions. Simply contact the team here today for more information, stating the fault code and your requirements.

ECU Decode have many years of experience in the trade and have provided quality second-hand products to many customers. This gives us the knowledge to help you make an informed choice about your repair options. Many of our services are carried out in our offices in Westbury Wiltshire and can be sent back to you within 24 hours unless otherwise stated. Contact our team online today for more information or to learn the best service for your needs. Alternatively, we have an FAQ section which provides answers to many of our most frequently asked questions.